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Graphing sync rates on a TP-Link TD-8817 modem using cacti

I get my internet through a TP-Link TD-8817 and I’ve noticed the sync rate vary over time just by checking the web interface from time to time . So that I can track this and perhaps correlate it with something, I’ve written a script in perl with the Expect module, the appropriate templates to graph it in cacti, and put it up on github. Here’s the actual session transcript showing how to get the data:

Trying modem...
Connected to modem
Escape character is '^]'.

Password: **********
Copyright (c) 2001 - 2012 TP-LINK TECHNOLOGIES CO., LTD
TP-LINK> wan adsl c
near-end interleaved channel bit rate: 10313 kbps
near-end fast channel bit rate: 0 kbps
far-end interleaved channel bit rate: 1293 kbps
far-end fast channel bit rate: 0 kbps
TP-LINK> exit
Connection closed by foreign host.

Here’s an example graph from my own connection: